Company profile
2MT s.r.l  Via Grosseto,6  21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) Italy    
Telefono: 0331 632783  Fax: 0331 638077
PIVA 02957380120
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Wheels - Gears - Pulleys - products for the mechanical transmission


The areas covered range from the production of details of design of the customer, production standards on our catalog and our models in various materials:
     * Cast iron gray
     Ductile iron *
     * Steel
     * Stainless steel
Companies operating in sectors which we serve:
     * General mechanical
     * Steel
     * Mechanical transmissions
     * Plant
For the field of mechanical transmission, in particular, our production is divided into the following products:
     * Cast iron wheels and sprockets for roller chains from 3 / 8 "to 3"
     * Sprocket and wheels for conical bush with 3 / 8 "to 3"
     * Cast iron wheels and sprockets for conveyor chains
     * Sprocket and chain wheels for farming
     * Packs, and Pulleys for smooth chain ring for lifting and maneuvering
     * Wheels and chains for transport funds
     * Tires and chains plug
     * Gears Module
     * V-belt pulleys and gears pe

The availability of a large inventory of standard products allows a fast and accurate service delivery.